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Information Transformation & Cloud Computing


From Vmware’s perspective, Cloud Computing has transcended buzzword status and has become a mainstream technological economic force to be reckoned with, both inside the organization and the out. Deployment of cloud based solutions for organizations is the top priority these days. Below are some of the major areas with challenging business needs that we have been focusing on resolving at our fortune 1000 clients. eKriya in this space provides business process reverse engineering & information  technology integration operations based on public, private, hybrid, community models based on the preferences of the clients. All of these models come with inherent, varying cost structures.
Cloud Computing services are broadly, in 3 categories:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

eKriya‘s prime offering in this IT services and solutions domain is Analytics & Business Intelligence by adapting ‘lean / agile’ approach to solve the challenges of designing, planning, and selecting the right technologies for incremental ROI-based business intelligence and data management initiatives.

eKriya‘s experts in this zone, strive to top up the metrics and industry standard benchmarks of cloud computing such as – Elasticity and Resource Pooling, Bandwidth & Multi-Tenancy, Transparency and Service Availability.

  • Better Pricing  based on reliable capture, monitor and control usage information
  • Highly Ajile with low cost, Self service, On-Demand 
  • Sustainable Service Quality & Scalability
  • Measurable Performance, Location and device agnostic
  • Data discovery, relationships, structures, Data Quality Standards & consistency.
  • Data Modeling| Profiling| relational, analytical, operational, transactional, multi-dimensional.
  • Business terminology, glossary and definitions for associated data elements.
  • Real-time consolidation of data from multiple sources, Integrations with Monitoring suite of products.
  • Promoting improvised governance & stewardship, Streamlined ETL, EL-T workflows. 
  • Information Privacy, Protection & Integrations, Extraction, Transformation & Loading of large volumes of data from sources systems into operational data stores and data marts.
  • Managing historical data archival, capacity & growth.
  • Accelerated promotion to production, retention & retirement of Applications.

eKriya‘s Technos‘ teams are experienced in end to end data management activities covering –  Data Intake| Acquisition| Mapping| Profiling| MDM| Quality| ETL/EL-T| Data stewardship- training the client’s SMEs to be data stewards | Data Modeling- Conceptual, Subjective, Logical, Physical architectures, relational as well as multi-dimensional structures. SAP Hana Streaming Readily process and analyze multiple streams of high-speed, high-volume event data – in real time – to facilitate on-the-fly decision making. Get actionable information from event streams and generate alerts for quick action. Initiate automatic responses to changing conditions based on events. Quickly develop applications for fast ROI – with a high-performance CEP engine., Amazon Web Services AWS, Micorsoft Azure, Open Stack, Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Foundry, SAP Hana, SAS, IBM Optim suite of products [Optim Performance Manager, Optim Test Data Management, Optim Development Studio, Optim pureQuery Runtime, Optim Query Tuner, Optim Database Relationship Analyzer, Optim Database Administrator]. IBM WebSphere’s DataStage, Quality Stage, Information Analyzer, Business Glossary, Federation Server.

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