Programs, Portfolios, Projects Management

Strategic Management Consulting Services

eKriya‘s Leads, in this strategic practice area, offers full spectrum of management consulting services. Our teams have earned high standard of reputation and client accolades. The right mix of well experienced, highly skilled, business savvy and techno functional teams have been the backbone of our success in providing strategic programs/projects mgmt. to our fortune 1000 clients. 

Our Management teams have over 3 decades of profound experience in accomplishing customer’s vision by sharing and fostering relationships with key stakeholders/business sponsors. 

eKriya‘s model in this space is our own SMBOs – Strategic Management by Business Objectives. We use our own frameworks such as CAMF- Client Alliance Management Framework, SAPF- Strategic Application Portfolio Framework. eKriya‘s teams give top priority to advocate & support client’s strategic business objectives while being very adept at influencing customer’s strategic direction| vision socialization & alignment. 

eKriya‘s Leads- partner/ collaborate with corporate c-level executives, leveraging excellent track record in – managing/ undertaking/ championing multiple projects, senior management and onsite/ offshore IT deployment/ implementation communities & show high degree of flexibility in representing customer’s unique matrix business client groups and demonstrate broader expertise in the following areas.

Portfolios, Programs & Projects Management

eKriya‘s SAPF- Strategic Application Portfolio Framework includes a solid methodology, enables organizations to continuously improve and evolve their application portfolios to address changing business needs and drive long-term value. Drivers of eKriya‘s SAPF are Usability, Scalability, Flexibility and adaptability, Transparency, Simplicity, Inter-Operability, Portability. Through SAPF- Strategic Application Portfolio Framework, pain points are identified early and recommendations for improvement are made on an ongoing basis using eKriya’s Es model to ensure effective application management and optimization that improves performance and meets business objectives. We assess a company’s applications and develop metrics to measure their performance based on the company’s business and technology objectives enabling us to recommend on applications state from modernization, re-platforming, migration, decommission, consolidation or replacement, transformation.

eKriya‘s Areas of Focus in this space are-

  • PAI- Portfolio of Applications Inventory, 
  • PAI+RAR- Risk Assessment & Review 
  • PAI+AM– Applications metrics
  • PAI+CRS- Cost Rationalization & Sustainability
  • PAI+AT- Applications Transformation
  • PAI+GOV- Governance for Value Add

Through eKriya‘s SMBOs governance, clients gain the following:

  • Deep understanding of each application, functions, objectives, inter-dependencies, business value, required supporting skills
  • 30000 foot / Big picture view of the application portfolio to determine if it is meeting current objectives and to support decisions about its future evolution
  • Clear assessment of costs and risks of the current application portfolio and alignment of business and technology objectives
  • Data driven informational insights for effectively gauging the scope and impact of making any portfolio changes
  • Value propositions >> Facilitation & distribution of pre-sale / prospective [upsell / cross-sell] & initiation [RFIs /RFPs], Business case studies supporting IT solutions with conceptual design| frameworks, blue prints/artifacts, Roadmaps, milestones, cadence of projects & approvals. Experienced in Chartering| Scoping| Capacity Planning Scheduling| Tasks Prioritization, Change Control Communication flows & status meetings.
  • Strategy Management >> Communicate plans and objectives, align business units and resources to key priorities, monitor progress – and take proactive action when issues arise. Prioritize and allocate resources to maximize performance improvement initiatives. Compare business unit performance side-by-side or with other relevant benchmarks. Align business and support units around common goals and metric. Assign individual and team responsibility on key initiatives for better accountability.
  • Business Planning and Consolidation >> Improve planning, budgeting, and financial reporting effectiveness with software that helps increase accuracy and reduce budgeting and financial close cycles. Drive faster and better financial reporting and decision making organization-wide.
  • Build stakeholder confidence, mitigate business risk, and reduce external audit costs. SWOT, Fit-Gap as-is, to-be | WBS/ SOWs and process flows, Provision of end to end project artifacts & documentation. Review of capital budgeting, Costing & funding methodologies, Tracking of portfolios & funding requisition pipelines. Benefits / Savings ROI forecasts & Gate packages.
  • Financial Consolidation & Financial Information Management>> Rely on our financial consolidation services to help you achieve a fast and efficient financial close – with full compliance and confidence in your data. Produce financial statements that instill stakeholder confidence. Support multiple currencies, reporting standards, and electronic filing requirements. Make better management decisions with full visibility into your company’s finances. Streamline the loading of financial data from all sources – eliminating manual re-keying of data and improving data quality. Build trust and ensure financial data reliability – from source to report. Increase productivity via reliable, transparent, and repeatable data management processes.Take advantage of robust data collection combined with strong finance controls. 
  • Profitability and Costing Management >> Improve your profitability and cost management by zeroing in on performance issues – across products, customers, and channels. Empower business users with tools that help manage costs and increase profitability. Perform what-if analyses to understand the impact of changes on profitability. Extend profitability management to carbon, shared services, and bills of material costing.
  • Financial Closing >> Accelerate your financial closing cycle using enhanced user efficiency, greater automation, and centralized monitoring and controlling services. Close the books quickly with automated tasks and integrated financial processes.Improve the monitoring of internal controls to support accurate financial reporting. Increase data integrity with centralized scheduling processes. Coordinate staff across different subsidiaries, divisions, time zones, and systems. Alignment /reconciliations with IT finance on GL, asset management, procurement systems, Impact mitigation strategies evaluation collaborating with executives. 
  • Asset Analyses >> Improve asset utilization by tracking the performance of your physical assets – and ensure compliance with consistent reviews of asset management strategies. Reduce costs by eliminating maintenance delays and duplication of work. Improve budget adherence by reducing the need to liquidate funds. Increase asset utilization with proactive strategies to ensure equipment availability.
  • Vendor engagement >> On-boarding, evaluation of 3rd party vendor tools, 3rd party (on site & offshore) Vendor/Supplier – Selection| Profiling| Contract Negotiation| Communication.
  • Resources Management & Staff augmentation >> Onsite & offshore Cross functional resources demand management, supply procurement, Recruit| hire| engage| lead, manage, direct, delegate cross functional shared contracting support resources| mentoring core competencies| developing efficiencies| Performance appraisals.
  • Sustainability Services >> Governance, Risk & Compliance via centers of excellence (COE), centers of competency (COC) help and serve CIOs/ CTOs/ COOs identify and cultivate critical IT capabilities needed to better align with and fulfill business goals, improve performance, and deliver value to stakeholders and shareholders.
Business Process Management

BPM – Business Process Management

eKriya‘s Leads with well over 2 decades of solidly experienced teams offer deep expertise in applying  methodologies such Water-fall, iterative/Agile,  RUP [Inception, Elaboration, Construction, Transition], Kanban, Rummler – Brache| Hammer| JAD, SCRUM, PMBOK, Lean & Six Sigma, DMAIC, UML [use, sequence, class, status, collaboration] / RAD, PERT/ CPM, SMART, TQM, ITIL, SEI-CMM[i..iv], ISO 9000 to meet fortune 1000 client’s growing business needs and requirements. BPM is a structured approach employing methods, policies, metrics, management practices, and software tools to manage and continuously optimize an organization’s activities and processes. It is a management practice that provides for governance of a business’s process environment toward the goal of improving agility and operational performance. Today companies are facing fast changing business environment with changing needs and customer expectations, fast changing technology and product life cycle. To be successful companies need right Business model, Business strategy, operations (people, processes and technologies). The processes are the stable key element of the business and they always need to be managed optimally to fit the business strategy. Therefore every company needs efficient management of their business process to enable corporate strategy.

Organizational Transformation through collaborative approaches created to weave together the processes, systems, and work practices to address the human elements of change programs and ensure adoption, accountability, and desired performance levels. 

Org. Communication & Change Management, Business Processes Reverse Engineering: Leveraging best practices inherent within industry-leading innovative enterprise resource planning (ERP) packages to help clients reduce operations costs, enhance competitiveness, and increase market share.
Business Processes Optimization  &  Digital Transformation — Delivers value to clients and to their diverse stakeholders by leveraging digital marketing, multi-channel commerce and mobility trends and technologies, enabling clients to engage with and learn about individuals and communities.

Requirements Management Interviews/ surveys with client’s SMEs/users, collection & review of functional requirement specifications [FRS] , generation of business requirement documents BRDs.  Consolidation, redefinition & socialization of [BRDs]

  • Cross functional business processes [Design| Map| Orchestration & decomposition| Integration| review| socialization | optimization| reverse engineering of work flows & interfaces]
  • Definition / Development/ Customization and methodologies alignment with customer specific unique needs, supporting matrix functional requirements and as-is vs to-be business process flows
  • Establishing Analytical mechanisms to setup efficient, cost effective solutions with cause & effect fish bone visualizations & interpretations| modeling. Discovering functional use cases, streamlining of business processes.
  • Translation of BRs into systems/technical specifications [SRS/TRS]
  • Establishing Traceability matrices | RACI frameworks
  • Online web /Ecommerce based information exchange interfaces, frameworks & reporting pipelines.
Oracle BPM

Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g

The Oracle BPM suite 11g brings together best of breed business process management capabilities with in enterprise integration platform, it provides a unified platform bring together both BPEL and BPMN 2.0 into single runtime environment, it also provides user centric design which provides best of breed tool for all the different people like business process analyst, IT etc. The social Oracle BPM provides rich set of collaboration and communication tools for the different people to interact, who work with these business processes. Oracle BPM enables to model, monitor and optimize their business processes all through the single unified lifecycle. Technos’ offerings include the below. Indepth knowledge and experience with former Aqualogic BPM 5.7 onwards

  • Expertise with Oracle BPM 10g R3
  • Integrated demo of Oracle Service Bus and Oracle BPM 10g
  • Integration of ADF and Webcenter with BPM 11g
  • Adoption and migration strategy from legacy Fuego, BEA, 10g to BPM 11g R1
  • Fuse BPM, SOA and Webcenter for a complex solution

Oracle Service Bus Companies today are getting ready to deploy enterprise wide service-oriented architecture (SOA) across the different domains to gain competitive advantage. Hence forced to ensure the security, quality of service and performance across the multiple SOA domains. Oracle service bus 11g which is integral part of SOA is designed to manage, mediate and connect interactions among heterogeneous services and legacy applications. Provides enhanced governance and management of SOA through seamless integration with other Oracle Tools. Allows enforcement of policies around throttling and service pooling, delivers built in capabilities for web service security and service virtualization. Our teams have years of experience in providing solution to integrate, virtualize and manage services in SOA using Oracle service bus. This enables clients to achieve value quickly with code-free, simple and configuration-based service integration. With our proven expertise we can help reducing integration complexity, cost and provide high standards based performing system.  

Oracle WebCenter 11g- Enterprises today are moving out of simple static or content managed websites towards rich web portals with social networking capabilities. The biggest challenge for enterprises is to have these social networking components work securely and within enterprise context. Oracle WebCenter 11g is a modern portal framework that provides social networking capabilities along with the security that any enterprise will require. WebCenter is perfect tool to design enterprise portal and business applications. The key features of WebCenter Framework allow business users to take charge and create and design their own pages with all rich features on the fly with minimal or no dependency on IT.  With deep understanding of content management products and web portal development, we have been able to leverage our expertise on Enterprise 2.0 features and provide end-to-end solutions using Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies including customizing WebCenter Spaces application. Our experts can analyze first the business processes and current systems setup then quickly can come up with solutions to leverage current investment and new systems with minimum cost.  We house best of breed ADF experts with deep ADF and WebCenter expertise to provide right solutions.

Expertise in Enterprise  2.0 and Web 2.0: It takes years of experience to understand the concepts E2.0 and Web 2.0. Social networking has gained huge popularity recently and providing solutions to enterprise on them is the success factor. With the right E2.0 interfaces enterprises can influence and boost productivity of their employees.

eKriya’s Commitments & Offerings

Infuse Agility. Enhance Ingenuity. 
Increase Efficiency. Innovate Digital Transformation. 
Collaborative Optimization. 
Continuous Momentum Drive. 
Reduce [TCO] Total Cost of Ownership. 
Speedup Go-To Market Time. 
Improve Return on Investment [ROI]. 
Harness Synergies & Expectations.

Pursuit for Value Added, Excellence. 
Facilitate Sustainable, Measurable, Adaptable, 
Reliable & Transformational Services & Solutions.

Strategic Capabilities For Global Markets

In 21st Century, markets of all verticals globally, are transforming and adapting to daily complex changing needs. Advent of Internet of Things has opened up new online market avenues. Gap between demand from end consumers and supply from enterprises with products and services is experiencing widening imbalance, across world markets. When underlying business processes of an enterprise are reverse engineered / restructured and related SLAs are tightened to meet the emerging demands and new opportunities, balanced levels between supply and demand can be reestablished.
eKriya‘s teams of domain experts, program managers, solution architects, developers, top notch technical consultants use best practices, with deep industry and sector’s line of business specific expertise, empowering the clients move towards Digital Transformation, across the industry verticals, globally.
eKriya‘s systems integration design development services help clients enhance value of processes and drive the transformation to next levels.
eKriya‘s talented professionals help clients design, develop and integrate the systems and applications that best run their business. As an end-to-end IT services provider, our consultants offer deep domain specific expertise in all facets of clients’ business and technology environments, enabling us consult, implement and manage solutions.
eKriya‘s techno-functional services are complemented by best-fit global delivery models per client needs to provide the required combination of value and expertise.

Through our associates’ decades of experience in bringing together and optimizing systems and applications, eKriya provides specialized solutions expertise in the following practice areas and services such as, Enterprise Performance Management services, Enterprise Business Data Analytics services, Enterprise SMO/PMO Mgmt. Consulting services, Business Intelligence services – helping organizations harness the power of big data and customer analytics to drive business value, End to End Data Management services – ensuring data availability, the efficient response to end user requests, and the adaptation to a constantly growing infrastructure, Clinical Research Operations– full-fledged Functional Services Provider, Clinical Pharmacovigilance, BioStatistics, Patient, Site, Investigator Mgmt., Regulatory Submission Services, Clinical Trials data management systems for healthcare, life sciences, Pharma, Biotech sectors, Enterprise Application Integration services – providing effective integration of applications to support your business processes and achieve business results, Enterprise Architecture services – orchestrating and aligning people, processes and technology infrastructures to improve the performance of an enterprise’s architecture functions, Enterprise Content Management services– making pertinent data more accessible across the enterprise to improve performance and productivity and to reduce cost and risk, Enterprise Resource Planning services– helping clients get the most from their ERP investments, from third-party ERP packages, such as from Oracle and SAP, Geo-spatial services, Information Security services – implementing proactive, business-aligned enterprise security strategies that improve risk management, productivity, data integrity and compliance, BIG Data & Mobile Computing – increasing productivity, improving service access and building customer loyalty through enterprise mobile solutions.

Capabilities: eKriya‘s Sources supports customers’ business and IT units with a mix of staffing and human resources functions as collateral services. eKriya‘s enterprise level capabilities broadly encompass the followingservices, practice areas.

  • Strategic Business & Technology Management Consulting, Business Case studies, Assessment Services |
  • Programs, Portfolios, Projects [PMO] Management Services |
  • Business Analysis, Processes Reverse Engg., Requirements, Communication & Change Management Services |
  • 3rd party Vendors, Products, Staffing & Resources Management Services |
  • Enterprise Information Systems Analysis, Architecture, Design & Engineering Services |
  • Applications Design, Development, Deployment & Maintenance [Desktop /  Web / Mobile] Services |
  • Functional & Technical Quality Analysis & Testing Services| 
  • Relational database, OLAP, OLTP , Data warehouse, marts, cubes – Design, Development, Administration & Maintenance Services |
  • Business Intelligence & data warehouse Management Services |
  • Exec. Reporting, Balanced Scorecards, Dashboards, Statistical Analysis Services |
  • Managed IT Applications [On-premise / Remote / Cloud] Services |
  • Legacy Migration, Modernization & Sustainability Services.
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