Strategic Management Consulting Services

eKriya’s Leads, in this strategic practice area, offers full spectrum of management consulting services. Our teams have earned high standard of reputation and client accolades. The right mix of well experienced, highly skilled, business savvy and techno functional teams have been the backbone of our success in providing strategic programs/projects mgmt. to our fortune 1000 clients. Our Management teams have over 3 decades of combined profound experience in accomplishing customer’s vision by sharing and fostering relationships with key stakeholders/business sponsors.

eKriya’s model in this space is our own SMBOs – Strategic Management by Business Objectives. We use our own frameworks such as CAMF- Client Alliance Management Framework, SAPF- Strategic Application Portfolio Framework. eKriya’s teams give top priority to advocate & support client’s strategic business objectives while being very adept at influencing customer’s strategic direction| vision socialization & alignment.

eKriya’s Leads- partner/ collaborate with corporate c-level executives, leveraging excellent track record in – managing/ undertaking/ championing multiple projects, senior management and onsite/ offshore IT deployment/ implementation communities & show high degree of flexibility in representing customer’s unique matrix business client groups and demonstrate broader expertise in the following areas.

Enterprise Performance Management

Aimed at designing specifically for midsize companies, our planning, consolidation, and strategy management software consulting teams can help clients enhance performance at every level. Quick Scalability, Streamline planning and increase collaboration between finance and other departments. Utilize integrated planning, budgeting tools, and a single, intuitive user interface. Easy steps to develop, evaluate, and communicate strategy. eKriya‘s EPM experts offerings are not limited to the following.

  • >> Create agile plans that support your key initiatives.
  • >> Analyze performance to optimize profitability and disclose results faster with fewer errors. For example in Credit Card Analytics space ekriya focuses on
  • >> Customer Acquisition- Acquisition Trend, Dormancy Rate, TAT Rate
  • >> Card Portfolio- Yield %, Spend %, NUNP-NUBP, Net Revenue
  • >> Merchant- Net worth, Charge back %, Fraud Category
  • >> Collection- Was-Is, Credit Indicator, NCL History, Stabilization Rates
  • >> Portfolio Risk- Customer Balance Movement, Over-limit Indicator
  • >> Emerging technology applications’ end state readiness assessment| Licensing SLAs| post engagement performance metrics.
  • >> Define, align, and execute your corporate strategy across all levels of your organization.
  • >> Outperform stakeholder expectations – from high level objectives to operational metrics.
  • >> Accelerate planning, budgeting, and forecasting activities.
  • >> Deploy Rapid Deployment Solutions for Enterprise Performance Management in the cloud for faster time to value and reduced costs. Leverage a mix of software and services that enable lightning-quick deployment. Define, monitor, measure, and analyze performance with quick-to-deploy solutions built to help you raise the bar. >> Benefit from low-cost implementation and quick time to value. Clients can choose between on-premise, cloud, or appliance delivery models based on assessments. >> Use mobile technology to engage everyone in performance management processes. Leverage best practice based content for your industry and line of business. 
  • >> Drive profitability and fuel growth through improved decision making. Generate quicker, more accurate financial reports by automating processes.
Strategic Executive Insights & Balanced Score Cards

Strategic Executive Insights & Balanced Score Cards

eKriya‘s Leads and Technos collaboratively partner with our customers in providing Strategic Executive Insights empowering business users to make more effective business decisions by facilitating actionable strategic data driven insights from enterprise wide disparate heterogeneous systems, structured and unstructured data siloes & marts, operational data stores,  using latest analytical tools based on research and innovative frameworks, targeting all levels of audience at executive level,  middle management and operational staff. The balanced scorecard has evolved from its early use as a simple performance measurement framework to a full strategic planning and management system. The “new” balanced scorecard transforms an organization’s strategic plan from an attractive but passive document into the “marching orders” for the organization on a daily basis. It provides a framework that not only provides performance measurements, but helps planners identify what should be done and measured. It enables executives to truly execute their strategies.

Enterprise Business Analytics

Enterprise Business Analytics (EBA)

eKriya’s Leads & Technos have proven success in empowering the fortune 1000 clients in Enterprise data warehouse and Business intelligence domain. Our highly skilled analysts facilitate multi- dimensional, execute level analytical, modeling, profiling tools combined with statistical methodologies application and interpretations via balanced score cards and dashboards using emerging BI (SaaS, In Memory, RDBMS) based business intelligence reporting technologies.

Improved levels of scalability, manageability, interoperability have mainly been the core success factors in this domain. OLAP based tools offer dash boards and balanced score cards with industry specific Key Measures, Metrics & Indicators tracking strategic as well as operational performance against preset targets.

eKriya’s experts enable clients establish cost effective and cutting edge solutions with low TCO and maximized efficiency for most of their user reports tapping self-service oriented web based capabilities of these emerging technologies via user inputs driven or canned reporting pipelines built by our specialists leveraging vertical specific technical skills.

Improve physical asset utilization and ensure compliance– by tracking performance and regularly reviewing asset management strategies. Reduce costs by eliminating maintenance delays and duplication of work. Stick to your budget by reducing the need to liquidate fund.

  • Ensure the availability of equipment with proactive strategies.
  • Receive a competitive edge with integrated strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, and profitability measurement processes.
  • Configure enterprise performance management software to evolve with your needs.
  • Access real-time management, financial and regulatory reports. Model cash flow of interest-bearing balance sheet products.
  • Adapt to evolving customer needs and preferences and deliver personalized and impact making marketing programs with customer segmentation analytics.
  • Reduce the cost of marketing campaigns. Increase marketing conversion rates.
  • Deliver higher-value customer experiences. Increase margins with more effective, targeted campaigns.
  • Some of the leading industry solutions based business analytics offerings to our clients are categorized as mentioned below.
  • CRM Rapid Deployment>>
  • Asset Analytics>>Profitability and Cost Management>>
  • Business Planning and Consolidation for Banking>>
  • Customer Segmentation Accelerator >>
  • Enterprise Risk Reporting for Banking
  • >> Net Margin Analysis >>
  • Performance Analytics for Engineering, Construction, and Operations>>
  • Sales Analysis for Retail>> Sales and Operations Planning (on premise)>>
  • Sales Pipeline Analysis>> Smart Meter Analytics>> Social Media Analytics>>
  • HR Analytics >> Financial Analytics
  • >> CRM Analytics>>
  • Credit Card Analytics>> Counterparty Risk Analytics>>
  • Leasing Analytics>> Insurance Analytics>>
  • Warehouse Analytics>> MRO Analytics>>
  • Get a real-time, enterprise view of key risk figures in credit, market, and liquidity and ensure Basel III and Dodd Frank Act requirements are met. 
  • Reduce risk by monitoring and tracking key indicators. Aggregate liquidity risk information and run stress tests. Manage operational risk processes and reporting. Slice and dice credit risk information in real time.
  • Identify profit destroyers with real-time insight into net margin and indirect cost visibility across customers, products, channels, and sales activities. Create and maintain profits with net margin and cost-to-serve analyses.  Know your “bottom line” contribution by customers. Get a mufti-dimensional view of customer, product, and channel profitability.
  • The engineering, construction, and operations industry is highly competitive and requires strict strategic and operational efficiency. Success demands tight monitoring and control of cost and schedule performance of projects in execution. Track progress and stay on course with our analytic application. Project and business execution, financial and resources analysis. Root Cause analysis. Visualization in context of key information.
  • Get real-time, accurate insight into service, network, and customer profitability and automatically allocate costs across multiple dimensions. Zero-in on profit-drivers with timely visibility into multiple cost dimensions. Increase margins by identifying and improving under performing services and customers. Ensure accurate cost modeling for services by running “what if” simulations. 
  • Planning and Consolidation for Public Sector strategic planning with annual budgeting and scenario modeling. Adapt to changing conditions with executive dashboard reports and “what if” simulations. Integrate corporate, departmental, and agency planning with ease. Improve budget cycle times, drive compliance, and reduce audit costs.
  • Tap into real-time, point-of-sale (POS) data to make more informed retail decisions, drive growth, and enhance the performance of your retail operation. Understand the real impact of promotions on stock levels and profits. Align product selection, availability, and promotions with demand. Set up an early warning system for stock-outs and take corrective action
  • Transform traditional sales and operations planning (S&OP) activities into a collaborative, integrated business planning strategy. Create a unified plan based on timely, accurate information from all departments. Gain a better understanding of supply and demand with advanced analytics. Improve decision making with real-time “what if” scenario analysis. Collaborate across business units with  Stream Work.
  • Accelerate and improve your sales pipeline performance with real-time, in-depth visibility and analysis. Unlock hidden revenue opportunities. Accelerate deals through the pipeline. React quickly to changing sales conditions.
  • Uncover answers to your complex business questions faster than ever before – with applied analytics solutions. Meet challenges for your industry and role head-on with scenario-driven, role-based solutions and rapid deployment options that help you engage with your stakeholders, visualize business challenges and predict what’s next with real-time.
  • Turn massive volumes of smart meter data into insights to transform customer interactions and enhance business operations. Deliver instant in-depth customer segmentation based on energy consumption patterns. Improve energy efficiency by benchmarking customer energy consumption against peers. Give customers self-serve access to energy consumption data for increased loyalty.
  • Gauge net sentiment. The net result of analytics related to any social media topic with our social media analytic application. Run real-time analysis of emotional responses to any topic expressed in social media. Track, trend, and compare buzz and sentiment over time and across multiple topics. Gain a deeper understanding of sentiment expressed in social media sites.
Enterprise Data Analytics

Enterprise Data Analytics, Value Add Metrics & KPIs

eKriya‘s analysts and experts engage with clients presenting deep dive recurring actionable insights / reports & new / future opportunity findings with commentary / write- ups based detailed perspectives to the customer side strategic executive / senior management and leadership teams.

eKriya‘s teams in this domain have deep and proven expertise and religiously follow Balanced Score Card Institution’s methodologies, principles, models and frameworks in leveraging various statistical, operational business intelligence dashboards reporting & latest (in-memory / OLAP) analytical reporting technologies extensively to conceptualize/design, define, set up, test, implement and manage self-service online/web based dashboards, balanced score cards, APIs / UIs for canned reports and pipelines.

  • Exploratory R&D & design of experiments |
  • Hypothesis testing, root cause & feasibility
  • Time series & longitudinal & general linear |
  • WEhat-if scenarios modeling
  • Processes stability| Sensitivity & specificity|
  • Efficiency & Efficacy Analytics| ABC & Pareto Analyses
  • Capital Budgeting & Management Cost Accounting |
  • IRR, Discounted payback | Working capital Cash Flow analysis
  • Customer loyalty & campaign effectiveness analytics | 
  • Market segmentation & penetration analysis
  • Prospective, Pre-Sale, Pre & Post Outcomes| Up-Sell, Cross-Sell|
  • BPO/Call center operational effectiveness measures 
  • Historical Trends & Variance Measures|
  • Covariance & Correlations | ANOVA, Linear & Logistic Regressions
  • Outliers/ False Positives [univariate/ multivariate],
  • Cluster Analysis | Decision trees

eKriya‘s experienced industry experts and consultants offer competitive benchmarks inline with relevant industry standards from market intelligence and published research content [Gartner/ Forrester etc..] with reference to competition, product, geographic and demographic trends perspectives. With well over 2 decades of performing an array of advanced business, statistical and financial analytics, sampling of data cohorts & application of statistical methodology, we have been helping fortune 1000 customers with excellent track record across multiple verticals/ industry sectors in identifying/ establishing/ validating/ tracking/ publishing / distributing of quantitative & qualitative data driven Key Performance Indicators and benchmarks.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics:

Let eKriya‘s seasoned consultants help your organization evolve from sense-and-respond to predict-and-act capabilities– for a sharper competitive edge. Our teams give your decision makers the insight they need to predict new developments, capitalize on future trends, and respond to challenges before they happen.

SAS and SAP’s market-leading combination of real-time business intelligence (BI) and predictive analytics make it easy for you to extract forward-looking insights from Big Data, harness the power of R, and create stunning data visualizations with ease.

Our tech agnostic solution services influence your business outcome in real-time and extract more value from your Big Data with predictive analytics from SAS and SAP and can help you bring predictive insight to everyone in your organization – across applications and mobile devices.

  • Strategic Programs, Portfolios, Projects [PMO] Consulting, Business Processes Rev. Engg., Change Mgmt..
  • Enterprise Information Systems & Technology Architecture,  Analysis, Design & Development, Implementation.
  • Quality Testing, Maintenance Services for Systems & Applications and legacy systems modernization and maintenance.

Our Predictive Analysts  empower your entire organization with easy access to predictive insight. Uncover new business opportunities, predict trends, and proactively respond to change. 

SAS suite of next generation high performance analytics platform puts self-service predictive capabilities in the hands of a broad spectrum of users– not just data scientists. Helps Automate predictive modeling, so users at all levels of the business can self-service their predictive needs to uncover customer insights and make forward-looking decisions with ease.

  • Our range of Predictive Analytics services are technology agnostic and cover solutions that deal with all techniques available for organizations to predict future business outcomes.
  • Visualize the future: Spot trends, risks, and patterns hidden in your Big Data.
  • Run what-if scenarios and find the best possible outcomes in split seconds.
  • Act before it happens: Empower everyone in your business with predictive insights.
  • Big Data Analytics with SAS>> Predictive Analytics Services>> SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence >> SAS Data Integration >> SAS Grid Computing >> SAS Enterprise Miner
  • Data Mining Finding patterns in data to predict behaviors and future trends.
  • Text Mining  Process of deriving high quality information from textual, unstructured data.
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) Predicting future outcomes by analyzing multiple data streams in real-time.
  • Simulations Provides a dynamic future view of business by leveraging statistical and business process simulations.
  • We offer expertise in making predictive analytics accessible to a broad spectrum of users in real operational environments. Automate data prep, predictive modeling, and deployment tasks.
  • Build sophisticated predictive models in minutes or hours, not weeks or months. Scale for petabytes of Big Data and gain rapid insight from thousands of variables.
  • Our teams deliver intuitive, interactive modeling, and advanced data visualization and predictive analytics.

Big Data Predictive Analytics with SAS a High Performance platform, SAP Hana an ultra-fast in-memory platform, runs on massive volumes of data and harnesses the power of real-time predictive analytics and in-memory database technologies for Big Data. Exploits  unstructured data such as text, documents, Web, and social media content. Leverages integration with R and Hadoop, Cloudera etc.. environments. Increases accuracy by including all potential variables and eliminating manual errors using SAS, R, SPSS, Matlab technology tools. 

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

IT governance is a key prerequisite for IT services delivery and optimization and reduced TCO. eKriya ensures client’s business strategies are aligned with IT priorities. Our management consultants provide framework and help fostering the extension and enrichment of strategic as well as operational excellence in accountability, control and service delivery. IT governance model is not just about optimal division of responsibilities and goes far beyond traditional management models which prioritize on just cost provisioning and labor arbitrage..

Our approach to IT governance offers the following advantages:

eKriya’s CAMFTM, SAPFTM, PIATM, BPM, Requirements Management act as foundation level activities for all IT initiatives coupled with prioritized approvals.

EPM- Concise, fact-based informational insightful executive reports with visibility

Address complete transparency regarding the nature, quantity and quality of services provided.

RASCI models with clearly defined roles and division of responsibilities among stakeholders to eliminate redundancies.

KPIs driven effective management and control structure and SLAs driven full service coverage

Change Management processes guiding division of responsibilities- client’s business and IT teams control the end to end process. Provides strategic leadership for IT functions, aligning IT technologies, business requirements and service demands

SMBOs driven clear accountability- Organizational structure and management framework that allow for continuous interaction between the parties to ensure ongoing alignment between users’ needs and IT service evolution.

Evaluation and elimination of bottlenecks, touch points of service overlaps

Extension of governance centers excellence, enrichment and evolution towards Digital Transformation

Maintain optimal people, processes and technology alignment via strategic IT functions.

Apply Best practice processes for service delivery across the IT delivery chain, from infrastructure to applications and project delivery services for reduced TCO and delivery time.

Fully integrated governance processes, methodologies and tools by eKriya’s consultants with deep domain specific expertise and experience managing complex, large-scale IT service mandates.

Automate predefined best practice workflows, assessments, surveys, and signoff.

Share controls and test results across multiple compliance programs.

Reduce the cost of compliance, risk, and audit programs.

Balance opportunities with financial, legal, and operational risk exposure. Embed regulatory and corporate policies into global trade processes.

eKriya’s specialists offer broad experience in balancing Risk and Opportunity. Issues identification| review| analysis| escalation – Sharpen your competitive edge with a proactive, unified approach to governance, risk, and compliance.

eKriya’s GRC experts provide solutions that help embed financial and operational controls into your business processes– and automate your GRC programs from risk management to compliance reporting – for better risk prevention, reduced compliance costs, and elevated performance. Decrease the cost and effort of managing your governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) initiatives with governance, risk and compliance solutions from SAP and other leading technologies. Embed risk and compliance activities into strategy, planning, and execution.

Continuously improve performance by tracking risks and confidently protect revenue streams, shareholder value, and brand reputation.

Audit & Regulations & Disclosures & Notes >> Reduce the time, risk, and cost of regulatory filings and disclosures by relying on collaborative and compliant processes. Manage the production, filing, and publication of financial statements and reports.

Efficiently compile disclosure statements via collaboration, workflow, and approvals.

Publish reliable, auditable regulatory statements in multiple formats, including XBRL. Streamline the collection and management of financial notes to support narrative footnotes in financial and regulatory statements.

Automate the collection of unstructured data to support financial figures. Leverage intuitive validation and reporting of unstructured notes data. Increase reliability and consistency of unstructured data in financial notes.

eKriya‘s GRC solution experts can help embed financial and operational controls into business processes– and automate GRC programs from risk management to compliance reporting– for better risk prevention, reduced compliance costs, and elevated performance.

  • SAP Access Control  >> SAP Process Control >> SAP Policy Survey Mobile App >> SAP Risk Management >> SAP MDG >> SAP infinite insight
  • SAP Environment, Health, & Safety Management >> SAP Sustainability Performance Management >> SAP Fraud Management
  • Automate > predefined best practice workflows, assessments, surveys, and signoff. Share controls and test results across multiple compliance programs. Reduce the cost of compliance, risk, and audit programs. Balance opportunities with financial, legal, and operational risk exposure. Embed regulatory and corporate policies into global trade processes.
  • Access Control > Confidently manage and reduce access risk across your enterprise. Minimize fraud and lower the cost of access management and ongoing compliance activities. Streamline requests for multiple systems and embed preventative compliance checks. Automate reviews of segregation of duties, critical access, and superuser privileges. Automatically detect and remediate access risk violations.
  • Access Approver > Mobile App Ensure the right employees have access to the right systems. With this app, managers can review and approve time-sensitive access requests on their mobile device. Display and review access requests – and add comments before rejecting or approving.View risks associated with a request (if risk analysis has already been performed).Call or email business users to request additional information.
  • Audit Management > Amplify the influence and value of internal audits – and provide greater insight into key business risks – with audit management software powered by SAP HANA. Streamline your auditing process and easily create, organize, and share working papers. Reduce internal audit time and cost – so you can better satisfy your stakeholders. Focus on critical business issues using comprehensive risk-rating approaches. Track and manage audit issues with global monitoring and follow up.
  • Process Control > Continuously monitor key risk indicators and compliance effectiveness across your critical business processes – and drive process efficiency and control. Align risk and compliance management processes across multiple programs. Automate and predefine workflows, assessments, surveys, and offline forms. Streamline processes and effort with automated control tests. Proactively manage policies and controls across heterogeneous environments. Assess compliance, control, and remediation status using comprehensive analytics.
  • Policy Survey Mobile App > Give managers an easy way to keep track of the latest policy changes within your organization. With this app, managers can also complete policy-related surveys. Display relevant policies, with new or updated policies clearly flagged. Access policy details, and acknowledge policy receipt. View and complete surveys to develop a better understanding of new implications.
  • Risk Management > Maximize risk visibility with comprehensive analytics, balance risk and opportunity – and protect business value by proactively preventing and mitigating risks. Highlight risk exposure and response at all levels of your organization.Run intuitive risk assessments – and “what if” simulations and analyses. Integrate risk mitigation and prevention with your key business systems.Leverage best practices for industries and lines of business with predefined content. Automate key risk indicator monitoring within heterogeneous systems.
  • Environment, Health, and Safety Solutions > Go beyond compliance. Systematically improve your environment, health, and safety (EHS) performance – for a stronger corporate image and increased brand value. Proactively reduce EHS risks across global operations with a closed-loop process. Cost-effectively comply with complex, evolving EHS regulatory requirements.Better manage worker safety, environmental compliance, and product stewardship. Gain real-time visibility into your risk and compliance status and act accordingly.
  • Sustainability Performance Management > Track and communicate sustainability performance and target business improvement opportunities – all while reducing the time and cost for compiling disclosures. Improve procedures for gathering quantitative and qualitative sustainability data. Manage multiple sustainability reporting frameworks, standards, and KPIs. Strengthen the brand by providing transparency and accountability to stakeholders. Increase return on sustainability by focusing on strategic execution.
  • Fraud Management > Detect fraud earlier – and improve prevention – with SAP Fraud Management. Powered by SAP HANA, this software will help with – Real-time detection tools to identify and stop fraud as early as possible. Powerful calibration and simulation features to increase investigation efficiency. Rules and predictive methods to improve fraud scenario analysis and reduce risk.


Infuse Agility. Enhance Ingenuity. 
Increase Efficiency. Innovate Digital Transformation. 
Collaborative Optimization. Continuous Momentum Drive. 
Reduce [TCO] Total Cost of Ownership. 
Speedup Go-To Market Time. 
Improve Return on Investment [ROI]. 
Harness Synergies & Expectations.
Pursuit for Value Added, Excellence. 
Facilitate Sustainable, Measurable, Adaptable, 
Reliable & Transformational Services & Solutions.

Strategic Capabilities for Global Markets

In 21st Century, markets of all verticals globally, are transforming and adapting to daily complex changing needs. Advent of Internet of Things has opened up new online market avenues. Gap between demand from end consumers and supply from enterprises with products and services is experiencing widening imbalance, across world markets. When underlying business processes of an enterprise are reverse engineered / restructured and related SLAs are tightened to meet the emerging demands and new opportunities, balanced levels between supply and demand can be reestablished.
eKriya‘s teams of domain experts, program managers, solution architects, developers, top notch technical consultants use best practices, with deep industry and sector’s line of business specific expertise, empowering the clients move towards Digital Transformation, across the industry verticals, globally.
eKriya‘s systems integration design development services help clients enhance value of processes and drive the transformation to next levels.
eKriya‘s talented professionals help clients design, develop and integrate the systems and applications that best run their business. As an end-to-end IT services provider, our consultants offer deep domain specific expertise in all facets of clients’ business and technology environments, enabling us consult, implement and manage solutions.
eKriya‘s techno-functional services are complemented by best-fit global delivery models per client needs to provide the required combination of value and expertise. Through our associates’ decades of experience in bringing together and optimizing systems and applications, eKriya provides specialized solutions expertise in the following practice areas and services such as, Enterprise Performance Management services, Enterprise Business Data Analytics services, Enterprise SMO/PMO Mgmt. Consulting services, Business Intelligence services – helping organizations harness the power of big data and customer analytics to drive business value, End to End Data Management services – ensuring data availability, the efficient response to end user requests, and the adaptation to a constantly growing infrastructure, Clinical Research Operations– full-fledged Functional Services Provider, Clinical Pharmacovigilance, BioStatistics, Patient, Site, Investigator Mgmt., Regulatory Submission Services, Clinical Trials data management systems for healthcare, life sciences, Pharma, Biotech sectors, Enterprise Application Integration services – providing effective integration of applications to support your business processes and achieve business results, Enterprise Architecture services – orchestrating and aligning people, processes and technology infrastructures to improve the performance of an enterprise’s architecture functions, Enterprise Content Management services– making pertinent data more accessible across the enterprise to improve performance and productivity and to reduce cost and risk, Enterprise Resource Planning services– helping clients get the most from their ERP investments, from third-party ERP packages, such as from Oracle and SAP, Geo-spatial services, Information Security services – implementing proactive, business-aligned enterprise security strategies that improve risk management, productivity, data integrity and compliance, BIG Data & Mobile Computing – increasing productivity, improving service access and building customer loyalty through enterprise mobile solutions.

Capabilities: eKriya‘s Sources supports customers’ business and IT units with a mix of staffing and human resources functions as collateral services. eKriya‘s enterprise level capabilities broadly encompass the following business and IT services & practice areas.

  • Strategic Business & Technology Management Consulting, Business Case studies, Assessment Services |
  • Programs, Portfolios, Projects [PMO] Management Services |
  • Business Analysis, Processes Reverse Engg., Requirements, Communication & Change Management Services |
  • 3rd party Vendors, Products, Staffing & Resources Management Services |
  • Enterprise Information Systems Analysis, Architecture, Design & Engineering Services |
  • Applications Design, Development, Deployment & Maintenance [Desktop /  Web / Mobile] Services |
  • Functional & Technical Quality Analysis & Testing Services| 
  • Relational database, OLAP, OLTP , Data warehouse, marts, cubes – Design, Development, Administration & Maintenance Services |
  • Business Intelligence & data warehouse Management Services |
  • Exec. Reporting, Balanced Scorecards, Dashboards, Statistical Analysis Services |
  • Managed IT Applications [On-premise / Remote / Cloud] Services |
  • Legacy Migration, Modernization & Sustainability Services.
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