Enterprise Data Warehousing [EDW]:


Success of Digital Transformation majorly depends upon Real Time and In-Memory. Fully integrating and reinventing all of clients’ vital business information to make better decisions in real time is now possible with major technology giants e.g. SAP In-Memory Data Fabric. This suite of flexible, industry-leading data warehousing solutions helps clients’ pinpoint the right information at the right time, accelerate analyses, and see the trends help shape smart business strategies. 

eKriya focuses on facilitating effective IT solutions per project time lines with in the budget and provides certified consultants on a variety of business models either on resource or projects based needs with demonstrated expertise and proven experience in areas such as Architecture, Design, Configuration, Deployment, Migrations, Testing, Implementation and Performance Optimization of database technologies, including: Ms Sql Server, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL, and Access, DB2, Teradata, AbInitio, Data Stage, NoSql, Big data technologies, etc..

Database Development Administration & Data warehousing: 

  • Create, manage database instances for development, test, production environments, Microsoft Upgrade Advisor, DTS Package Migrations
  • Analyze & setup performance optimization steps for as-is and to-be integrated environments
  • End to end ETL processes management, multi-dimensional data marts, cubes, OLTP, OLAP ROLAP, HOLAP, MOLAP data repositories.
  • Ensure Database up-time per metrics production & operations.
  • Automation scripts for batch jobs in tests for Beta, Staging and Quality Assurance, Sandbox and Production Servers.
  • Strategize backup, recovery, consistency checks. Troubleshot data recovery, performance tuning, optimization, connectivity, installations, configurations, upgrades, migrations, query tuning, memory leaks, backup and restore etc.
  • Implement and recommend best practices and guidelines and plan for upgrades, patches, migrations.
  • Monitor stored procedures, indexes, tables, table spaces, archivals, schemas etc..database objects.
  • End to end database modeling – logical as well as physical architecture design.
  • Manage high reliability, high availability, security aspects.
  • Design | engineer | Integrate scalable, atomic grained mutli-dimensional, semi-additive facts, aggregated facts and type 2 slowly changing, multi-valued dimensions, mini dimensions, factless fact, additive facts, conformed, consolidated models in snowflake and star schema setups.
  • Troubleshoot database outages and manage backup and recoveries, imports, exports, optimizing ETL batch scripts.
  • ETL of EBCDIC mainframe and midrange databases, application of business logic and transformation into OLTP, OLAP, XML
  • End to end job sequences for efficient workflow, Change Capture management for effective delta processing.

eKriya‘s teams, quickly and easily enable real-time, in-context business decisions for everyone, while simplifying your IT landscape– with either SAS or SAP In-Memory Data Fabric.

  • Simplify: Eliminate staging databases or intermediate calculation, aggregates, and storage. 
  • Accelerate: Use in-memory computing for real-time access and applications. 
  • Predict: Get built-in support for predictive algorithms and streams.
  • SAP HANA >> SAP Business Warehouse >> SAP IQ >> SAP ESP >> SAP Data Services
  • High-Performance In-Memory Platform >>  Get accurate insights at lightning speed with our high-performance in-memory platform, SAP HANA – a powerful combination of robust software and hardware. Readily master text, geospatial, and other complex data. Solve ad hoc queries without complex pre-calculation or star schemas. Capture data and events without intermediate databases.Access data in-place and from many sources – with SAP HANA Smart Data Access.  
  • Process Orchestration >> Improve DW process orchestration, management, and monitoring – and take advantage of valuable industry content – with SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA. Supercharge your data warehousing with SAP Business Warehouse Powered by SAP HANA. Open your data warehouse environment to all information, for a 360° view into your business. Empower you workforce with real-time access to information.Simplify administration tasks and reduce IT workloads for a lower TCO.
  • Near-Line Storage Get petabyte scale expansion >> and never put your data in cold storage again – with SAP IQ, our highly optimized RDBMS for extreme-scale data warehousing and Big Data analytics.Get faster, easier access to petabytes of data at any level of detail. Simplify and streamline your IT administration and landscape. Dramatically improve database performance. Preserve your current IT investments.
  • Real-Time Data Synchronization >> Get ETL, data cleansing, and extensive data integration tooling to solve all kinds of data integration challenges – with SAP Data Services. Boost productivity and cut costs for data quality and data integration. Strengthen performance with better-informed decisions based on trusted information. Enhance process efficiencies with one version of the truth across the enterprise. Reduce risk and lower TCO with consistent, high-quality information.
  • SAP Information Steward is a single solution in a collaborative environment to discover, assess, define, monitor, and improve the quality of their enterprise data assets etc.., for all data stewardship activities. 
  • Data Insight module aids data stewards in data discovery stage for characteristics $ relationships and helps in managing data quality monitoring via score cards. Metadata Management module enables catalog maintenance of data with relevant taxonomies.
  • Cleansing Package Builder module provides effective data standardization. MyWorklist is a centralized task management component engages in match review tasks, inspection of results, automated matching with programmed corrections built per need leveraging ties with various RDBMS: MS Access, Oracle, Sql Server, IBM DB2, Teradata >> Data Modeling Tools: ERWIN suite, Data Modeler, Modeling Manager, SAPHIR.


Infuse Agility. Enhance Ingenuity. 
Increase Efficiency. Innovate Digital Transformation. 
Collaborative Optimization. Continuous Momentum Drive. 
Reduce [TCO] Total Cost of Ownership. 
Speedup Go-To Market Time. 
Improve Return on Investment [ROI]. 
Harness Synergies & Expectations.
Pursuit for Value Added, Excellence. 
Facilitate Sustainable, Measurable, Adaptable, 
Reliable & Transformational Services & Solutions.

Strategic Capabilities for Global Markets


In 21st Century, markets of all verticals globally, are transforming and adapting to daily complex changing needs. Advent of Internet of Things has opened up new online market avenues. Gap between demand from end consumers and supply from enterprises with products and services is experiencing widening imbalance, across world markets. When underlying business processes of an enterprise are reverse engineered / restructured and related SLAs are tightened to meet the emerging demands and new opportunities, balanced levels between supply and demand can be reestablished.
eKriya‘s teams of domain experts, program managers, solution architects, developers, top notch technical consultants use best practices, with deep industry and sector’s line of business specific expertise, empowering the clients move towards Digital Transformation, across the industry verticals, globally.
eKriya‘s systems integration design development services help clients enhance value of processes and drive the transformation to next levels.
eKriya‘s talented professionals help clients design, develop and integrate the systems and applications that best run their business. As an end-to-end IT services provider, our consultants offer deep domain specific expertise in all facets of clients’ business and technology environments, enabling us consult, implement and manage solutions.
eKriya‘s techno-functional services are complemented by best-fit global delivery models per client needs to provide the required combination of value and expertise. Through our associates’ decades of experience in bringing together and optimizing systems and applications, eKriya provides specialized solutions expertise in the following practice areas and services such as, Enterprise Performance Management services, Enterprise Business Data Analytics services, Enterprise SMO/PMO Mgmt. Consulting services, Business Intelligence services – helping organizations harness the power of big data and customer analytics to drive business value, End to End Data Management services – ensuring data availability, the efficient response to end user requests, and the adaptation to a constantly growing infrastructure, Enterprise Application Integration services – providing effective integration of applications to support your business processes and achieve business results, Enterprise Architecture services – orchestrating and aligning people, processes and technology infrastructures to improve the performance of an enterprise’s architecture functions, Enterprise Content Management services– making pertinent data more accessible across the enterprise to improve performance and productivity and to reduce cost and risk, Enterprise Resource Planning services– helping clients get the most from their ERP investments, from third-party ERP packages, such as from Oracle and SAP, Geo-spatial services, Information Security services – implementing proactive, business-aligned enterprise security strategies that improve risk management, productivity, data integrity and compliance, BIG Data & Mobile Computing – increasing productivity, improving service access and building customer loyalty through enterprise mobile solutions.

Capabilities: eKriya‘s Sources supports customers’ business and IT units with a mix of staffing and human resources functions as collateral services. eKriya‘s enterprise level capabilities broadly encompass the following business and IT services & practice areas.

  • Strategic Business & Technology Management Consulting, Business Case studies, Assessment Services |
  • Programs, Portfolios, Projects [PMO] Management Services |
  • Business Analysis, Processes Reverse Engg., Requirements, Communication & Change Management Services |
  • 3rd party Vendors, Products, Staffing & Resources Management Services |
  • Enterprise Information Systems Analysis, Architecture, Design & Engineering Services |
  • Applications Design, Development, Deployment & Maintenance [Desktop /  Web / Mobile] Services |
  • Functional & Technical Quality Analysis & Testing Services| 
  • Relational database, OLAP, OLTP , Data warehouse, marts, cubes – Design, Development, Administration & Maintenance Services |
  • Business Intelligence & data warehouse Management Services |
  • Exec. Reporting, Balanced Scorecards, Dashboards, Statistical Analysis Services |
  • Managed IT Applications [On-premise / Remote / Cloud] Services |
  • Legacy Migration, Modernization & Sustainability Services.
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