Strategic Capabilities for Global Markets

eKriya‘s teams of domain experts, program, project managers, business analysts, data analysts, systems & solution architects & analysts, developers, top notch technical programmers, quality testing consultants use and apply best practices, with deep industry and sector’s line of business specific expertise. In 21st Century, markets of all verticals globally, are transforming and adapting to daily complex changing needs. Advent of Internet of Things has opened up new online market avenues and move towards Digital Transformation via SMAC has become mandatory for long term sustainability. Gap between demand from end consumers and supply from enterprises with products and services is experiencing widening imbalance, across world markets. When underlying business processes of an enterprise are reverse engineered / restructured and related SLAs are tightened to meet the emerging demands and new opportunities, balanced levels between supply and demand can be reestablished, while controlling the costs. eKriya‘s systems integration design development services help clients enhance value of processes empowering the clients sustain the benefits of Digital Transformation, across the industry verticals, globally and drive the transformation to next levels of evolution experiencing the enriched excellence.


Infuse Agility. Enhance Ingenuity. 
Increase Efficiency. Innovate Digital Transformation. 
Collaborative Optimization. 

Continuous Momentum Drive. 
Reduce [TCO] Total Cost of Ownership. 
Speedup Go-To Market Time.

 Improve Return on Investment [ROI]. 
Harness Synergies & Expectations.
Pursuit for Value Added, Excellence.

Facilitate Sustainable, Measurable, Adaptable, 
Reliable & Transformational Services & Solutions.


eKriya‘s talented professionals partner with clients in designing, developing and integrating the systems and applications that best run their businesses. As an end-to-end IT services provider, our consultants offer deep domain specific expertise in all facets of clients’ business and technology environments, enabling clients implement and manage solutions. eKriya‘s techno-functional services are complemented by best-fit global delivery models per client needs to provide the required combination of value and expertise. Through our associates’ decades of combined professional experience in bringing together and optimizing systems and applications. eKriya is a client centric service oriented organization supported by management consultants of both business and technology domains, providing premier human capital and workforce management solutions specializing in staffing solutions (full-time & temporary staff augmentation), recruitment process outsourcing and IT consulting. Our success begins with our ability to apply our relationships, leverage technologies, and identify talent – often in combination – to an endless array of real-world customer needs. eKriya‘s enterprise level Services & Solutions broadly encompass the following.

  • SMO & PPPMO, Enterprise Business Analytics [EBA]
  • Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP]
  • Enterprise Information Management [EIM]
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence [EBI]
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse [EDW]
  • Enterprise Information Intelligence [EII]
  • Enterprise Performance Management [EPM]
  • Enterprise Application Integration [EAI]
  • Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture [ESOA]
  • Enterprise Content Development and Management [ECM]
  • Supply Chain Management [SCM] 
  • Sales & Operations Planning [S&OP]
  • Business Process Management [BPM]
  • Customer Relationship Management [CRM]
  • Clinical Ressearch Operatins [CRO], Bio Statistics

eKriya provides specialized solutions expertise in the following practice areas and services such as, Enterprise Performance Management servicesEnterprise Business Data Analysis services, Enterprise SMO/PMO Mgmt. Consulting services, Business Intelligence services – helping organizations harness the power of big data and customer analytics to drive business value. End to End Data Management services – ensuring data availability, the efficient response to end user requests, and the adaptation to a constantly growing infrastructure, Clinical Research Operations– full-fledged Functional Services ProviderClinical Trials data management systems for healthcare, life sciences, Pharma, Biotech sectorsEnterprise Application Integration services – providing effective integration of applications to support business processes and achieve business results, Enterprise Architecture services – orchestrating and aligning people, processes and technology infrastructures to improve the performance of an enterprise’s architecture functions, Enterprise Content Management services– making pertinent data more accessible across the enterprise to improve performance and productivity and to reduce cost and risk, Enterprise Resource Planning services– helping clients get the most from their ERP investments such as Oracle and SAP, Geo-spatial services, Information Security services – implementing proactive, business-aligned enterprise security strategies that improve risk management, productivity, data integrity and compliance; SMART IOE, IOT, Data Science, ML, M2M, M2p, P2P, BIG Data, Social Mobile Analytical Cloud Computing – increasing productivity, improving service access and building customer loyalty through enterprise mobility solutions.

>> Key Technology Domains/ Practice Areas:
  • SMO, PPPMO, Business Analytics
  • SMART IOE, BIG Data, IOT, Social Mobile Analytics Cloud
  • EBI, EDW, EIM, ERP, CRM, EAI [Mobile/Web], ESOA
  • Health Care, CRO-Clinical Research Operations,
  • [Renewables / Clean Tech] Energy, SCM Supply Chain Mgmt.
>> Enterprise Services & Solutions:

>>Enterprise Services & Solutions: 

  • Enterprise Business Analytics [EBA] & PPPMO
  • Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP]
  • Enterprise Information Management [EIM]
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence [EBI]
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse [EDW]
  • Enterprise Information Intelligence [EII]
  • Enterprise Performance Management [EPM]
  • Enterprise Application Integration [EAI]
  • Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture [ESOA]
  • Enterprise Content Development and Management [ECM}
  • Supply Chain Management [SCM], Demand Planning, Inventory Management, Logistics, Sales & Operations Planning [S&OP]
  • Business Process Management [BPM]
  • Customer Relationship Management [CRM]
  • Clinical Ressearch Operatins [CRO]
>> Strategic Mgmt. Consulting & Methodologies:

>> Strategic Mgmt. Consulting & Methodologies:  

  • Business and IT Programs, Portfolio, Projects Management & Operational Services [SMO /PMO], SOWs. 
  • Business case studies for approvals & proposals initiation [RFIs /RFPs/ Pre-sale/ prospective [upsell/ cross-sell] value propositions, new opportunities].
  • Vision, Roadmaps & milestones| capacity planning, Blue Prints, chartering| scoping| scheduling| procurement| reconciliation|
  • Capital and operational Budgeting, costing & funding, Benefits & Savings ROI.
  • WBS, resource mgmt., vendor mgmt., change requests, gate packages, sponsorship/ championing, SWOT

>> Methodologies:

  • Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma [DMAIC], Water-fall, iterative/Agile, SCRUM, PMI, PMBOK, ITIL, Prince, Prince2, PERT/ CPM, SMART, JAD, RAD, XP, Kanban, Rummler – Brache | Hammer [Inception, Elaboration, Construction, Transition], BABOK
  • Enterprise Architecture, TOGAF, EIM, EII, EAI, MVC, RUP, Unified Modeling, UML [use, sequence, class, status, collaboration], ESOA’s Data / Information Services, BPM, TQM, SEI-CMM [i..iv], ISO 9000, 9001, 9008, 27001|
>> Business /Systems /Processes /Data /Information Architecture, Analysis, Integration

>>Business /Systems /Processes /Data /Information Architecture, AnalysisIntegration

  • Enterprise Business Systems & Technology, Source and Target systems discovery.
  • UX / UI interfaces Assessment, work flows, Process Mapping
  • End to end data management, Design, Development, Integration, Test, Deployment, Implementation & Analytics.
  • Optimization, Maintenance, Transformation, Reverse Engg.

>>Requirements Management:

  • Definition | collection| generation| facilitation of [Functional / Non-Functional / Technical] requirements collection.
  • Conversions from FRS, BRD, SRS & TRS to detailed tailor made granular specifications, Analysis, Maintenance & Management.
>> Enterprise Learning Management Systems:

>> Enterprise Learning Management Systems: 

  • Collaborative style Content Management Systems & Customizations |  Commercial and Open Source technologies
  • Course Content Delivery | Student Registration and Administration | Training Event Management (i.e., scheduling, tracking)
  • Curriculum and Certification Management | Skills and Competencies Management | Skill Gap Analysis | Individual Development Plan (IDP) | 
  • Assessments & results | Reporting Training | Record Management | Courseware Authoring | Resource Management | Virtual Organizations 
  • Performance Management System Integration |
  • Template-driven, Collaborative Content Development|
  • Facilitated Content Management (i.e., indexing and reuse)  | Publishing, Workflow Integration
  • End to end application services | Assessments & Installations
  • Automated Interfaces Integration | Multi-Tenant, Single Sign-On Configurations | Matrix, cross functional learning mgmt. systems | Database Mgmt. & Migrations
  • End users orientation & training | Application upgrades, portals and tools development, in built templates deployment
  • End to end techno-functional, load, bug-fixes, white box, black box quality testing | Ongoing support & maintenance & performance monitoring
  • Technologies: Blackboard, Litmos, SkillSoft, Sakai, Moodle, Instructure, Saba, CertPoint, Desire2Learn, SuccessFactors,  Taleo etc.
>> Human Capital Mgmt., Resources & Staff Augmentation

>> Human Capital Mgmt., Resources & Staff Augmentation:

  • Direct/Full-time/Permanent Staffing | Contract/ Contract to hire / Short term staffing,
  • Fixed Costs, Time & Materials| Hybrid, SOW, Projects, Campaigns based [labor, expenses, materials, costs]
  • Jobs / Roles design, definition and classifications | Specialized functional and technical skills based Talent acquisition |
  • Selection, recruitment, hiring, engaging of resources, skills inventory, competency assessment, training & modeling, supervision. Team building & IT operations management training
  • Executive & Leadership consulting, organization development & restructuring.
>> Business Systems Analysis, Design & IT Liaison:

>> Business & IT Governance, Risk Mgmt. & Compliance:

  • COEs, Competency Centers. Corporate Standards, Operating Procedures & Policies.
  • Risk Issues identification, documentation, analysis, evaluation, setup impact mitigation strategies, and resolution per corporate regulatory compliance standards |
  • 3rdParty Vendor/ suppliers/ contractors Management: 
  • Selection & profiling| Contracts negotiation| engagement & on-boarding.

>> Business Systems Analysis, Design & IT Liaison 

  • Business Processes Modeling. Mapping, Reverse Engineering & Optimization.
  • Design, Map, Orchestration & Decomposition of As-Is vs To-Be cross-functional business processes. 
  • Communications & Change Mgmt., Service Levels Agreements [SLAs], Traceability matrices [RACI] frameworks & processes execution.

>>Value Chain Applications: Products life cycle Management [PLC] & Sustainability: 

  • Customer hand-holding, needs review, product ownership, deployments, end state readiness assessment| post engagement performance measures, QA & UATs, Go-Live, Maintenance.
>> Strategic Executive Reporting & Business Intelligence:

>> Strategic Executive Reporting & Business Intelligence

  • Enterprise level Metrics, Key Performance Indicators [KPIs]. Balanced Score Cards, Dash Boards.
  • Advanced data analytics, statistical sampling, Forecasting, Root Cause, SWOT Analytics, and What-If Scenario Models.
  • Aggregation & Synthesis, Slicing & dicing, uni-variate, multi-variate, ANOVA, Ranks & Correlations, ABC and Pareto analyses, outcomes, Outliers/ False Positives|
  • Historical trends & volatility measures, new opportunity findings, Stability, sensitivity & specificity| efficiency & efficacy, cause & effect fish bone visualizations & interpretations.
>> Information Technology Architecture Engineering & Design:

>> Information Technology Architecture Engineering & Design: 

  • Enterprise Architecture – Systems, Information, Applications, Components, Security, Infrastructure, Network Architectures, Solutions Reference Architecture, Design & Engineering.
  • Legacy and Modern IT Applications Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, Maintenance, Migration & Transformations. 
  • Software Products, Services Development Life Cycle, Quality Assurance/Testing, Mobile/Web GUI Design/Development, User Experience (UX, UI, IA), Interfaces design, review, restructuring & integration.

>>Database Management Systems: 

  • Structured, unstructured and complex data sources, cohorts exploration | data discovery | data acquisition | data mapping |
  • Data extraction, data transformation | data loading| (ETL /EL-T)| database administration, backup, recovery, tuning| data integration | data profiling | data mining | 
  • Data modeling | data architecture [ ECDM, conceptual, logical/physical] | data quality | data analytics | BIG data base solutions, repositories, design, dev., customers’ data integration CDI’s ETL & reporting. 
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse EDW & BI, RDBMS Data Management & Modeling, OLTP, OLAP, ROLAP, MOLAP, HOLAP, ODS, Data Marts, Cubes & Repositories, MDM, Semantic layers, Changing Dimensions, Information Maps & Master Data Management (MDM), Electronic Data Capture & Integration [EDC & EDI].
>> Clinical Trials & Research Operations| >> Bio-Statistics & Pharmacovigilance:

>> Clinical Trials & Research Operations>> Bio-Statistics & Pharmacovigilance:  

  • Full fledged Functional Service Provider [covering end to end Clinical Research Operations, Clinical Trials I,II,III,IV phases.
  • Bio-statistics, Regulatory Agencies FDA, EMEA, DCGI, WHO, BFDA& CRF protocols Reports Submission services.
  • Clinical Pharmacovigilance, Medical Affairs, Patients/ sites/ Investigators Mgmt.|
  • Risk Plans, Patient Recruitment and Retention & Site monitoring & Investigative Identification and Selection services] | select local stand-alone or 2) international studies and adherence to Regulatory Protocols ANDA, WHO, IND, ICH-E6 & CSRs, ICH-E3 | e-Submission Gateway Set-up |
  • Serious Adverse Event Reporting Systems Integration |  Signal Detection- Benefit Risk Evaluation & Reconciliation |  & Risk Mgmt. Patient Safety and Surveillance |
  • Medical Monitoring & Coding – MedDRA, SNOMed | Integration of CIOMS, WHO / COSTART |   Preparation, Development, presentation of Drug safety Update Reports (DSUR’s) | Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSUR’s) | Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reaction (SUSAR’s) | Drug Master Files (DMF’s) | Trail Master Files (TMF’s) | Investigator Brochures (IB’s) | 
  • Protocol WritingInform Consent Forms (ICF’s) | Common Technical Documents (CTDs/eCTD’s) Protocols & amendments | Clinical trial authorization/ application/ exemptions (CTA/CTX) | Clinical trial notifications (CTN) | Market Authorization Application (MAA).
  • Fast track,  Investigational drug exemptions (IDEs) | Investigation new drug applications (INDs) | New drug applications (NDAs), Annotated New Drug Application (ANDAs), Supplementary New Drug Applications (s-NDAs), 510k, Biological license applications (BLAs) | PILs/ICFs, Investigative Brochures (IBs) |
  • Full, abbreviated, and synoptic Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) | Feasibility studies and onsite/ and remote / paper / electronic data capture and management [EDC, EDI, RDC]|
  • Triage 24 x 7 Calls & Receipts, Processing of Safety monitoring – AE and SAEs management & electronic reporting. Causal factors assessment |
  • Data Acquisition, Mapping, Modeling, Profiling, ETL, Statistical Samplings, Study Methodologies, Analytics, Reports| Interpretations | Quality Assurance |
  • Audits | Documentation | Strategic Business and IT Programs, Portfolio, Projects Management & Operational Services [SMO /PMO], SOWs, capacity planning, chartering| scoping| procurement| reconciliation|
  • Platforms: SAS, SPSS, Oracle Clinical 4.5.3 ®, SyMetric 9.1.12, implementation and validation of Oracle® Argus Safety™ Suite, Oracle® AERS, ARISg, and other commercial off the shelf adverse event reporting systems.
>> eCommerce, Web Portals Infrastrucure

>> E-Commerce and Customer Portals: Web GUI Architecture, Enterprise ecommerce based portal build plan, consolidation and execution of [B2B, B2C, B2E], Design, Dev., Integration, Testing, Deployment, Content Development and Management, Web Application Support, User Experience (UI, IA), SaaS, QA, Evaluation, SMAC adaptation, Single sign-on, search, analytics, Go-Live, Best Practices|

>> Infrastructure: Server Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Information Security, Enterprise Architecture, Telephony/VOIP, Configuration and Deployment Management, Database Administration and Support, Help Desk, Desktop Support, Network Administration & Engineering :- Network, Infrastructure, Middleware Platform, Server Storage & Systems  | Web Application Support & Trade Infrastructure Support.

  • Strategic Business & Technology Management Consulting, Assessments, Programs, Portfolios, Projects [PMO] Leadership, POCs.
  • 3rd party Vendors, Products, Services & Resources Management
  • Enterprise Systems Integration, Business Case studies Analysis, Gap Anaytics.
  • Processes Reverse Engg., Requirements Management | Org. Communication & Change Management
  • SMART IOE, IOT, BIG Data Sience, ML, M2M, M2P, P2P, BIG Data, Statistical Analysis
  • Enterprise Applications s/w [Desktop/Web/Mobile] Design, Dev., Deployment, Configuration, Administration  & Maintenance| Functional & Technical Quality Analysis & Testing, Implementation
  • Business Intelligence |Data Analytics |Exec. Reporting, Balanced Scorecards, Dashboards, Structured, Unstructured, Streaming, Relational DBMS, Data warehouse, marts, cubes, dimensions, database, OLAP, OLTP
  • Enterprise Information Systems Analysis, Architecture, Design & Engineering, SaaS, Paas, IaaS, Social Mobile Analytical Cloud Computing
  • Legacy Migration, Modernization & Sustainability, Offshore remote maintenance
  • Managed IT Applications Maintenance [On-premise / Remote]
  • Mobile & Web Portals, e-Commerce B2B, B2C Solutions


  • >> PMO & systems Business Analytics: COBIT, Plan view, PMP Cube Studio, Primavera, Daptive, Workday, Case Tools, Sparx, Rational [Rose, Clear Quest, RUP E-coach, Requisite Pro]
  • >> ERP & CRM:  SAP ByDesign, SAP HCM, SAP BW/ BI 7.0, SAP PS, Oracle Value Chain Planning products (Demantra suite – PTP, DM, S&OP collaborator work bench, workflow manager, business modeler, PLM, OM – Order Management, EPL, EBS, ASCP-Advance Supply Chain Planning, PeopleSoft, Siebel CRM,, Oracle EGL, Oracle FAH, OFSAA EPM|
  • >> Business Intelligence & Analytics Reporting: >> SAS Enterprise Data Integration & Business Intelligence Platform, SAP HANA, SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI platform, SPSS, R, OBIEE, Crystal Reports, IBM Cognos, Micro Strategy, Informatica, Hyperion, Essbase, Pentaho, Tableau, Spotfire, Qlikview, Birst.
  • >> Data Mgmt. Relational, BIG Data:  Oracle, MicroSoft Sql Server, IBM DB2, Sybase, Teradata, Sql*Plus, MySQL, Hadoop, Cloudera, MapReduce, MongoDb, NoSql, Hive, ERWIN, SAPHIR, Toad Data Modeler, Toad for Data Analyst. >> Clinical:  SAS, SPSS, Oracle Clinical 4.5.3 ®, SyMetric 9.1.12, Oracle® Argus Safety™ Suite, Oracle® AERS, ARISg
  • >> Languages / Software Tools: C# / .NET, Java/J2EE, C / C++ / Perl, Power Builder, file#net, HP Quality Center, Selenium, Visual Basic, Oracle Applications,  GEAC / BMC Remedy, Lotus Notes, Rational Suite, SunOne / JBoss, WSo2, VIPS Star Sentinel, ODBC, Hummingbird Exceed, Putty, Tectia SSH |>> OS Platforms & Servers N/w: Win XP/NT/2000, Windows XP / 7, Windows Server 2003 / 2008, Unix /Solaris / AIX / HP-UX / Linux / SPARC AIX, Mainframe
  • > IBM utilities: Open Text Provision, MVS, TSO/ISPF, COBOL, DB2, VSAM, , SYNCSORT, IDCAMS, IEBGENER, IEBCOPY, IEFBR14, QMF, SDF, FILE-AID, SPUFI, Platinum, Docutext, & Changeman, SORT, CICS, CICS MAP,JCL, Easytrieve, IMS-DB, SPUFI, Platinum, File-AID, Control-D, Control-M, IM-SERVE,  BMC Remedy, Changeman, TSO/ISPF, CA7, Enterprise Architect [EA,BPA], Fair Isaac,Rumba (AS/400)|
  • >> Micro Soft: SharePoint, Office {MS Project, MS Visio, MS Power Point, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word] | Sql Server, SSAS, SSRS | Azure framework | Cloud services| MS Dynamics|
  • >> GIS: ESRI ArcGIS Suite, using ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcEngine, ArcIMS, ArcGIS Extensions, ArcGIS Production Line Tool Set (PLTS), Survey Analyst, ArcScan, RouteMap ENVI (Image processing) & BAE Systems (Digital Photogrammetry).
  • >> Web development tools: Java / J2EE / JSP / Javascript, HTML 5/ XML / XPATH / XSLT / Web Services / SOAP / WSDL / DOM/ VB.Net / ASP.Net / C# / Visual Studio / VBScript, MySQL / PHP / Ruby / Python / LAMP, Wikis / Blogs / RSS / Social Networking, Instant Messaging / Podcasts / SEO / SEM
  • > Web Application Servers & Frameworks: Apache, Tomcat, Microsoft IIS, IBM Web Sphere, BEA Web Logic, AWS, Azure|
  • >> Mobile / Wireless: Multi-Touch Interfaces, GPS and Location-Aware, Secure Business Applications, Client/Server Architectures, SQLLite Database, Admob Ads Integration. Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 Blackberry OS, Mobile Web Widgets, Symbian.
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