(in ancient Sanskrit language means – “action, deed, effort”).
Current era of ‘Digital Transformation’, rationalizes, prefixing “e” to all those Kriyas or Actions, aimed at transforming a subjective system from one phase to another, while cyclically evolving. 

Hence, “e” Kriya becomes a means for manifestation of positive outcomes during each phase of transformation, with right Kriyas or actions being evolved from each phase.

As we realize, rightly, “evolution” of an action, as an e”Kriya, when strengthened by insightful and actionable intelligence, becomes the latent driving force at the core of this enrichment of excellence cycle and influences the evolving phases of this framework of Transformation. 

This is the core essence of eKriya‘s offering, a robust “Es” transformation framework with, “Evolve | Envision | Explore | Engage | Evaluate | Exceed | Empower | Enrich Evolve…, as phases where, enriched excellence is experienced and evolves further into next cycle of transformation.


At eKriya,

our own E’s Model [..Evolve | Envision | Explore | Engage | Evaluate | Exceed | Empower | Enrich | Evolve..] finds the transformed “AiKiDō” at its core as the latent force that drives the customers’ cycle of enriching excellence and the evolving transformation framework into new waves of digital transformation. 

Ai ~ unification or harmony / Ki ~ energy or life force / Dō ~ path or way forward. At eKriya we believe in the philosophical and deeply rooted meaningful purpose of “AiKiDō” and in  leveraging such “unified & forwarding synergistic force”. “AiKiDō” is not just about physical self defense in Japanese Martial Arts world.

eKriya is a well diversified organization. eKriya, while sharing client’s passion and vision in a collaborative & relentless fight for business optimization against ever changing complex strategic operational challenges, is committed to provide continuous momentum drive of multi-faceted digital transformation to its clients via SMART analytics with meaningful insights offering ways for actionable intelligence. To learn more, please refer to eKriya‘s capabilities.

Core Values
<< E T H I C S >>
Envision | Explore | Engage | Evaluate | Exceed | Empower | Enrich | Evolve.
Thrive with Honesty, Integrity and Collaborative Strategies.

Align People, Processes & Technologies. Infuse Agility.  Enhance Ingenuity. Increase Efficiency. 

Innovate Digital Transformation. Improve Return on Investment [ROI]. 

Reduce [TCO] Total Cost of Ownership. Speedup Go-To Market Time. Harness Synergies & Expectations. 

Facilitate Sustainable, Measurable, Adaptable, Reliable & Transformational Services & Solutions. 

Offer Collaborative Optimization based on Continuous Momentum Drive of Multi-faceted Digital Transformation.  

Pursuit for Value Added, Excellence, SMART Analytics. Meaningful Insights, Actionable Intelligence.  

Be Client led and centered & Socially responsible.

Transform clients' business processes into highly qualitative & innovative solutions. Optimize using cost-effective & efficient strategies targeting clients' unique, ever changing, complex strategic & operational challenges, enriching the excellence.
Empower the clients to lead & influence the positive shifts in global economy by offering practically feasible, best in-class, strategies & long-term sustainable outcome based solutions by aligning people, processes & technology.
Plan and Execute synergistic winning strategies, coupled with unparalleled pursuit for value added excellence to achieve client’s strategically managed business objectives by facilitating top-notch expert consulting services and deliver innovative solutions for client’s complex business / technology challenges.

CPMS – Collaborative Process Management System

As it is clearly evident from our overall philosophy, Vision, Goal & Objectives, Mission and Core Values our unique Collaborative Process Management System (CPMS) always aims at delivery of services with a Value Add –  throughout the life cycle of an assigned process /  project / program  / portfolio.

  • eKriya‘s CPMS is driven by client centric operative models.
  • eKriya‘s CPMS’s primary goal / delivery factor is relentless focus on not just business optimization but also on transformation and empowerment of client towards next evolution while enriching excellence.
  • eKriya‘s CPMS targets those lagging processes and client’s pain points, leverages the benefit of our experts’ sustainable business models and methods as applicable to our clients’ needs, enables delivery of high quality services.  Facilitation of SMART solutions comes along with our stringent evaluation measures, which we strive to raise the bar for each assignment.
  • eKriya‘s CPMS’s high level objectives are – Quality and Process Conscious | Client Satisfaction, ROI Enhancement, Risk Mitigation etc..
  • eKriya‘s CPMS relies on binding frameworks with industry standard methodologies, such as Strategic management by Objectives – SMBOs, CAMF and always establishes clear governance and  RASCI models around People/Processes/Projects/Programs/Portfolio with reference to client’s corporate policies standard operating procedures.
  • eKriya‘s CPMS enables us to focus on aligning the expertise of people, application aspect of suitable technology and optimized business process, planning thru execution, via flexible and repeatable processes.
  • eKriya‘s CPMS does not stop at exceeding the contract requirements and /or  client expectations but continues further into empower, enriching and evolving processes.
  • eKriya‘s CPMS – Collaborative Process Management System is results oriented and is driven by client’s SMBO’s because we know that clients always expect not just optimization but also future transformation through business driven, IS lead frameworks.
  • eKriya‘s CPMS offers flexibility for each assignment that we undertake, in combining human as well as technical expertise with client’s specific needs as one size does not fit all the clients.

eKriya‘s CPMS’s inputs are 1) CPMS-CBD: Client’s Business Drivers specific to program / project / process assignment. 2) CPMS-IBP: Application of integrated business planning with right mix of industry best practices and methodologies such as SMO / PPPMO Leadership practices and Ajile/Scrum models etc.

eKriya‘s CPMS drives:

  • Structured corporate strategic planning and efficient operational processes execution and effective systems maintenance with approved baseline.
  • Well documented back office processes and automated standardized procedures wherever applicable and feasible.End to end PMO Delivery Mgmt.: verified and validated plans, requirements, specifications, schedules, milestones, budgets, procedures, quality controls metrics & KPIs.
  • Total Quality Management Practice: Quality Circles, planning, assurance, control and tests, control measures, corrective/preventive action(s), periodic reviews / surveys.
  • Total Risk Management Practice: Risks / Issues Identification, Monitoring, Tracking, timely Escalation, Communication and Controlling measures.

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